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WBTS Hosting offer cheap domain registration in Sri Lanka. Getting a perfect domain name registration can do unique identity for your website. Check domain name availability and select the best one for your website from different category of domain names and buy a domain name that perfectly describes your website.

Domain Prices

TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years Transfer Renewal
.com Rs.1600.00 Rs.2950.00 Rs.4450.00 Rs.7450.00 Rs.1600.00 Rs.1650.00
.lk Rs.3450.00 Rs.6555.00 Rs.N/A Rs.13800.00 Rs.N/A Rs.3450.00
.asia Rs.2100.00 Rs.4300.00 Rs.6450.00 Rs.10750.00 Rs.2100.00 Rs.2200.00
.net Rs.1650.00 Rs.3050.00 Rs.4550.00 Rs.7550.00 Rs.1650.00 Rs.1650.00
.org Rs.1550.00 Rs.3100.00 Rs.4600.00 Rs.7600.00 Rs.1550.00 Rs.1650.00
.co Rs.1850.00 Rs.5550.00 Rs.9600.00 Rs.17300.00 Rs.1850.00 Rs.4000.00
.mobi Rs.1450.00 Rs.3700.00 Rs.5900.00 Rs.10300.00 Rs.1450.00 Rs.2350.00
.me Rs.1700.00 Rs.4800.00 Rs.7650.00 Rs.12350.00 Rs.1700.00 Rs.2750.00
.biz Rs.1550.00 Rs.3400.00 Rs.5350.00 Rs.8950.00 Rs.1550.00 Rs.2150.00
.info Rs.950.00 Rs.2450.00 Rs.4100.00 Rs.7100.00 Rs.1450.00 Rs.1650.00
.us Rs.1400.00 Rs.2950.00 Rs.4450.00 Rs.7450.00 Rs.1400.00 Rs.1550.00 Rs.1450.00 Rs.2900.00 Rs.4300.00 Rs.7100.00 Rs.1450.00 Rs.1450.00

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